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Dr Ajita Kanthan is a pioneer in the use of radiation-free procedural techniques, having performed the first radiation-free transvenous pacemaker implant in Australia.


He is currently the only cardiologist in the country performing this pacemaker technique on a regular basis.

Sydney Cardiologist & Electrophysiologist 

The significance of radiation-free techniques is highlighted by the fact that traditional trans-venous device implant methods rely on the use of X-rays, with radiation doses that can reach up to the equivalent of about 500 chest X-rays.


Dr Kanthan also performed the first radiation-free cardiac ablations of both supra-ventricular and ventricular rhythm disorders in Sydney.

He is a national and international trainer on device implantation and radiation-free procedural techniques.

Dr Kanthan treats all forms of rhythm disorders including:

  • Atrial fibrillation

  • Supraventricular tachycardia

  • Ventricular tachycardia


He also performs all types of device implants including:

  • Loop recorders

  • Leadless & traditional pacemakers

  • Subcutaneous & traditional defibrillators

  • Bi-Ventricular re-synchronisation devices.


Clinics are located at Blacktown, Bella Vista and Rouse Hill, and hospital appointments include Norwest Private Hospital, Westmead Private Hospital and Blacktown Hospital.

As a pioneer in cardiac surgery and expert in rhythm disorders, Dr Ajita Kanthan is a leading heart specialist in Sydney. Best known for his innovative work in radiation-free transvenous pacemaker implants and radiation-free cardiac ablations, Dr Kanthan’s commitment to improving patient well being both during surgeries and with aftercare has earned him a reputation for excellence. 


Today, Dr Kanthan provides a variety of services as a heart specialist; consultations, cardiac ablations, device implantation and acting as an electrophysiologist in Sydney. 


Dr Kanthan is also internationally admired and recognised for his work; he serves as both a domestic and international trainer for device implantation and electrophysiology. He also advocates at both the national and international level to encourage the increased uptake of radiation-free procedural techniques. 


Working across multiple locations for consulting and undertaking a number of teaching commitments at Western Sydney University, Dr Kanthan is heavily in demand — but most importantly, always working to ensure that patients receive the care they need.


As a result of his expertise, Dr Kanthan has appeared numerous times in the Australian media, including in The Pulse, The Daily Telegraph and on Channel 9.


Which locations does Dr Kanthan practice at?


Currently, Dr Kanthan practises as a cardiologist in Sydney. He’s a visiting medical officer at Blacktown Hospital, Norwest Private Hospital, Westmead Private Hospital and Lakeview Private Hospital and is a senior cardiologist for Sonic Health. He is also a senior lecturer at the Western Sydney University.


While consultation clinics are located in Bella Vista, Rouse Hill, Blacktown, Dr Ajita Kanthan provides countrywide consultations via telehealth.


So if you’re looking for a cardiologist in Bella Vista or a cardiologist in Rouse Hill, Dr Kanthan may be able to help. Simply reach out to one of the aforementioned clinics for more information. 

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